Christina-Trogan-Traverse-City-Wedding-PhotographerHi!  Welcome to the weird part.  The “All About Me” part.  But I understand.  You live in Chicago, Detroit, NYC, wherever. . . and you  want to know I’m a real person!   It’s not easy to pick a photographer.  Yes, an amazing portfolio is essential (and I think my work  speaks for itself), but you also want to get a sense of my personality.  So, here it goes:


I believe in following your dreams.  (Duh.  Wait, let me try again. . .)


I believe pit bulls are awesome.  I believe reading is the best way to spend an afternoon.  I believe traveling is one of the most important  things you can do in life (that’s me in India, to the left).  I believe in the power of a fine arts education.  I believe in Alice Cooper.  I  believe hot pink and fluorescent green look great together.  I believe leggings ARE pants.  I  believe others may do a MUCH better job at this, so see below.  I also believe it’s your turn  now. . . CONTACT ME



“Stacey! In 58 years I’ve seen a lot of wedding pics. Never seen a photographer get SO MANY incredible  candid natural, capture the moment shots as this. It seems like in series that you see everything. Wow! How are you going to pick what to print? You own these, right? I hope  you recommend this photographer to the world!”  –Stacey’s Dad

Thank you SO MUCH Christina! The pictures are awesome :) Exactly what we were hoping for!  Kyle and I both loved working with you (you’re so much fun) and we would highly recommend you to anyone!  Aly & Kyle

You do such beautiful work. I just wanted to tell you that I am in love with all of the photos. Thank you so much!   –Kim & Shawn

You guys rock and I’m so happy we chose you!  Oh my gosh thank you so much! You guys were absolutely amazing!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!Once again, you guys rock! I should have you at all of our family functions. ;) Thank you again a hundred million times!  Rebekah & Shawn

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!  I just looked through all of them!! I was laughing and crying…haha!  Thank you Christina! You are so great  You and Rebecca did an excellent job!  I’m so happy that we found you!  –Katie & Andy

OMG! The pictures look amazing!  You did such a wonderful job. I will definitely be using you again!  You have made a perfect day, more perfect!  You are really talented and captured the essence that I will be able to remember forever.  Please let me know if you ever need anything.  Nicole & Bryan

These are GREAT!  Wendy & Justin

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