Traverse City Wedding Photography | Aly & Kyle

8.24.13-644-EditAly and Kyle’s wedding in Traverse City was amazing from beginning to end.  A photographer could not ask for more- from the perfect weather to the absolutely fun couple and all of their guests!  They were a joy to photograph and work with.  Being surrounded by such a loving community of family and friends, I have no doubt their marriage will long and joyous.  I wish them all the best :)

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Leelanau Wedding Photography | Lindsey & Joe

7.7.13-353For Lindsey and Joe’s wedding, we packed a lot into eight hours!  Four locations, to be precise.  Lindsey had her hair and makeup done at Lilyjade Salon at The Homestead in Glen Arbor, MI.  From there we went to the ceremony site- right on Empire Beach!  Lindsey looked so amazingly gorgeous, she turned A LOT of heads :)  After that, we all went to Port Oneida- one of my favorite places in the world!  Port Oneida is part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and there are so many beautiful, romantic spots for wedding photography.  So naturally, as the photographer, I was thrilled that we had time for it!  After about 45 minutes or so of portraits, we were off to the reception at Leelanau Cellars in Omena, MI.  It was just the perfect size for an intimate wedding like theirs.

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Sleeping Bear Dunes Wedding Photography | Annalisa & John

traverse city photographers 2Any wedding that incorporates dogs is a win in my book!  I love dogs, so when Annalisa and John introduced me to Charley and Timothy, who came all the way from Minnesota with them for the wedding, I was thrilled.  Annalisa and John got engaged at Good Harbor Beach, so that’s where they got married :)  Part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the clouds that day couldn’t detract from the natural beauty of Good Harbor.  It’s a beautiful place to have a wedding.  Enjoy the photographs from this special day!

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Traverse City, MI Wedding Photography | Jana & Ben

9.6.12-373-EditI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love small weddings.  They are just so intimate and romantic.  Jana and Ben’s wedding at The Boathouse on Old Mission Peninsula was no exception.  Check out the canoe- Ben made it!  Yup, made it.  How awesome.  Jana’s fist-pump at the end just sums it up- I’m sure these two have settled into married life quite nicely :)

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Torch Lake Wedding Photography | Rebekah & Shawn

7.20.13-503First off, let me start by saying I knew this was going to be a fun wedding when Rebekah sent me her questionnaire filled out with an awesome bright blue glitter pen to compliment the purple paper the questionnaire was printed on.  I don’t get to meet every bride before the wedding since most live so far away, but I knew this was a good sign :)  And boy, was it a good time!  Yeah, we got soaking wet riding the pontoon boats across Torch Lake, but the pictures made it so worth it!  Plus, I had never been to the sandbar before (I know!) and this was a perfect way to experience it.  There was lots of dancing, lots of cupcake-eating, and, of course, lots of love!  What an amazing family.  Enjoy your married life, and all the best to you!

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Traverse City Photography | Linnea & Dan

traverse city photographerSince I photograph so many destination weddings each year, one thing I always try to tell brides not familiar with the area is how late the sun sets here!  One of the great things about Northern Michigan is watching a gorgeous sunset over the water.  However, this doesn’t happen until. . . late.  All of the photos below were taken at Traverse City’s West End beach, some at around 10:40 pm.  I really wanted that dramatic, darkened sky.   Linnea and Dan were total sports and patiently waited until the sky was dark enough for the perfect photos.  For the photos that look like they were taken during the day. . . that was about 9:30 pm.  It’s definitely something to consider when planning your wedding photography coverage! Continue reading »

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Manistee Wedding Photography

7.14.12-1345-EditFriday brings my first Manistee wedding of the year!  Manistee is such a gorgeous place to get married, due to the amazing sunsets over Lake Michigan.  It certainly makes for the most romantic photographs!  Here are some photos from my favorite Manistee wedding last year.  Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions. . .

How far in advance do I need to book with you?

This can vary quite a bit.  I’d say most people sign their contract roughly 6-9 months before the wedding date.  However, I do receive requests from future brides a year and a half in advance!  If your wedding date is set in stone (and especially if it’s on a Saturday), it is wise to book as soon as possible.  While your caterer and florist may be able to book several weddings per day, there is only one of me to go around!


How do I book you for my wedding?

When you are ready to book, I will write the contract and email a PDF to you.  Just print it, sign it, and mail it with your check for the agreed-upon deposit.  Once I receive your check and signed contract, I will sign it and mail it back to you with your wedding-day questionnaire and welcome packet.  


How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer a payment plan?

One option is to pay ½ at the time of booking, with the remaining ½ due within one week of your wedding.  Another option is 1/3 at the time of booking, 1/3 due sixty days before the wedding, and the remaining 1/3 within one week of your wedding.  I’m flexible, though, so let me know if there’s something that works better for you.


What type of equipment do you use?  Do you have backup equipment?

I use Nikon digital equipment.  I also have backup equipment, which is also Nikon digital.


How would you describe your photography style?

I do a blend of styles, relying heavily on photojournalism to capture the spontaneous moments of your day, mixed with portraiture and more artistic shots as well.  You won’t see a lot of tilted angles or wild, unrealistic colors, which I’m afraid will look dated after a few years.


How would you describe your working style?

If I could describe it in one word, it would be “blend.”  Your wedding will be filled with many emotions, laughs and maybe even a few tears.  With that level of emotion occurring, my approach is to carefully capture it artistically and unobtrusively.  A pastor once told me of the photographer who put his camera right over his shoulder in the middle of the ceremony.  That is not my style.  It is important to me that you and your guests’ memories of the ceremony are of . . . the ceremony, and not the photographer.  For indoor ceremonies, flashes are turned off after the entrance and aren’t turned back on until the exit.  Camera noises are muted the fullest extent possible by the manufacturer, and we take care not to obstruct your guests’ view.


However, when it’s time for portraits, my approach is a bit different.  Portraits are the time when your photographer needs to give direction, choreograph the moment, and keep the schedule running smoothly.  I like to do a mix between more formally posed photos (that keep Grandma happy) and more modern, relaxed poses. 


What about retouching?

I take my time with each and every photo to make sure you look your best.  That can mean a little smoothing of your skin in addition to all of the other enhancements I make.  It’s not obvious; you’ll just look at the photos and say, “Wow, I look good!” 

If you want extensive retouching for something specific, we can do that.  Let me know and we can discuss pricing further.


How long will it take for my images to arrive?

I will mail your prints and digital images to you within three weeks from your wedding date.  Once you receive them, they will also be published to an online gallery you can share with family and friends.


What information do I need to provide you with before the wedding day?

Once your date is secured through the booking process, I will be mailing you a questionnaire to be filled out a little closer to your wedding date.  Questions will include details like ceremony and reception addresses, your timeline, and whether you will be seeing each other before the ceremony.


How long have you been doing this?

My photography career began in 2000; however, this is my third year photographing weddings.


Why prints?

I am very excited to begin offering prints in 2013.  When you receive your digital images you will also be receiving a 4×6 print of each digital image!  Now you don’t have to take the time sorting through hundreds of photographs, you will have them in your hands, already printed for you!  I found that many brides I spoke with had chosen a few key images to enlarge, and then stopped there, not knowing what to do with the rest.  Scrolling through hundreds of photos on a laptop is not the best way to pick out your favorite images; nothing will ever replace the quality you can see and the emotion you will feel while looking at a print you can hold in your hand.  Additionally, having a hard copy is always a good idea should something happen to your digital files.


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Quote for Your Day

Yet again, Twin Bay Glass is a source of inpiration.  It’s always a joy to drive down 8th Street and see what they are offering up for the ever-rotating display of thoughtful quotes under their sign.

“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.”

The quote is attributed to Henry J. Kaiser, whoever that is.

Certainly better than “20% off Windshild Chip Repair” or the like!  (Although, when I did need a chip repaired recently, you better believe I just drove on over to Twin Bay Glass, mostly because of their awesome quotes!)

On that note, that’s all for now :)

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Ode to a Blue Heron

Florida was fantastic! Perfect weather, lots to see and do, and the wildlife was a welcome treat in the middle of winter. Everyone knows I love birds of all types, and considering I have never seen some of Florida’s large feathered inhabitants, I probably over-shot. Oh, wait- there’s no such thing! So without further ado, here are a bunch of pictures of a blue heron that decided to come hang out with us on the beach one day.

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